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What can people do when they want to work?

Terry and Nick Snavely, of JimGlo Wood Products in Emmetsburg, can attest that they now have five hard-working, dependable and reliable employees because they gave job-seekers, represented by Horizons Unlimited, an opportunity to train with JimGlo and learn new skills.

JimGlo Wood Products has partnered with Horizons Employment Services since October 2013. The owner, Terry and plant manager, Nick initially agreed to hire two people to stain because of turnover in that department. As a result of having two successful placements through Horizons, they additionally hired individuals in staining, one in cutting and stacking, and one employee that cleans once a week.
Terry recently visited with the Horizons job developer and said, “I am pleasantly surprised, these guys show up day after day, with no complaints.” He would agree that it has been a good situation for them to have a job coach come in to support the employees that needed support until they were trained ‘the way we train’ and were ready to work independently.

Why Customized Employment?
· Provide you with reliable & dependable employees
· Reduce your recruitment and hiring costs
· Match job seekers with your specific employment needs
· Increase employee retention
· Help you attract a broader customer base
· Help you enhance the diversity of your work force
· Help you leverage tax benefits

For More Information about utilizing Horizons Unlimited’s Customized Employment at your place of business, contact:
Kathy Jackson, Certified Employment Support Professional
712-852-2211, ext. 123


Horizons’ program has received several prestigious awards and accreditations:

  • In October of 2011, Horizons received a renewed three-year accreditation from CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

  • In 1998, Horizons earned the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program/Star Award and has kept this honorary distinction since then.